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Everything is Not Quite What it Seems


The body of work created for Everything is Not Quite What it Seems, was an exploration of the state of uncertainty I experienced during my childhood when moving from house to house after my parents’ separation. The work, created to appear as commonplace utilitarian objects, is purposely deceptive reflecting my uncertainty in spaces where I was often surrounded by objects of familiarity and comfort, but their use may have been denied. 


Recreating my childhood experiences in sculpture has been gratifying.  I enjoy the process of making objects in which the appearance contradicts the reality; a reflection of my childhood uncertainty now experienced by the viewer.  Through the creation of this work I have embraced objects that work and do not work, that appear to be functional while not being functional or that appear non-functional while being completely useable.  In addition, I have applied different levels of function to some of the pieces.  This is intentionally confusing and puts the viewer in a state of uncertainty; a state to which I can completely relate.

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